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EZ Spots 2

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EZ Spots are a great alternative to expensive bulk equipment. The placement of adhesive spots on release paper allows user to easily apply adhesive to a variety of substrates. EZ Spots come in 4 different tack levels.

Low Tack EZ Stick - for lightweight items such as business cards, coupons and credit cards

Medium Tack EZ Stick - just a little stronger than low tack, holds magnets and smaller products

High Tack EZ Stick - added level of tack for more fastening options

Super High Tack EZ Stick - for heavier items such as product samples or holding items together for shrink wrapping on assembly operations

Great for fulfillment work!

Count Per Roll: 6000
Available Tack Levels: Low, Medium, High, Super High
Spot Placement: Staggered

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